Arturo DΓ­az
Hi! This is me 🌱

I'm Arturo, a 21-year-old who recently moved from my country, Venezuela, to the US and currently living in Silicon Valley. I'm looking for tech jobs, improving my English, founding my project, and growing. In my free time, I enjoy playing chess and reading books about leadership and entrepreneurship. Currently, I'm interested in studying:
πŸ€– Artificial Intelligence
πŸ” Cybersecurity
πŸ–₯️ Computer Science
πŸ’°οΈ Business
Technology brings me as much joy as cakes and cookies (the edible kind, not the browser kind). πŸͺΒ I consider myself creative and passionate about innovations, new technologies, and the future. I started writing my first lines of code in high school back in my country, taking informatics classes, and using Notepad and Internet Explorer as my software tools πŸ§“.
During my teenage years, I was particularly passionate about video editing and effects. I helped organize and lead an event for short films at school, where I created my short film using a laptop with 1 GB of RAM.
Music has always been a part of my life, since I was a kid. I started playing percussion at the age of 9 and later learned to play the trumpet, guitar, and other instruments. Eventually, I decided to focus on playing the piano and started my own YouTube channel on September 6th, 2013, dedicated to music 🎢🎹.
Currently, I'm seeking opportunities in User Experience and Interface Design while absorbing everything I can about AI πŸ€–.